EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — Turn on a Christian radio station anywhere across the country and you’re bound to hear one of Rhett Walker’s hit songs.

“So, I’ve really never had a plan B. Like this is my dream, this is what I feel called to do, so we’re going to chase it,” said Rhett Walker, Grammy-nominated artist and Aiken native.

And that’s exactly what this Aiken native did. In 2011 he wrote ‘When Mercy Found Me’, and in 2012, that song was nominated for a Grammy. But his journey to fame didn’t start like you might think. He was kicked out of Silver Bluff High School, and soon found himself facing parenthood with his girlfriend April, at just 17 years old. The two are now married. 

“I was the kind of guy that just lived selfishly, honestly. I did what I wanted to do and didn’t really care about the consequences.  Didn’t care if it affected my pastor dad at a brand-new church,” said Walker.

It was during that darker time Walker learned he could sing. 

“I didn’t sing or play music, really, before her. And I was singing some Tim McGraw song and she was like ‘You know you can sing?’ And they put me on stage to lead worship one Sunday and I’ve never looked back,” said Walker.

Fast forward 18 years, Walker’s playing on the Grand Ole Opry stage more than a dozen times, performing at concerts, and helping countless fans. 

“You think you’re writing these songs kind of for yourself, and then you put them out on the radio and it’s kind of up to God where they go. But then you hear these stories where like ‘Man, this song touched my life.’ Man, it’s cool to see God today, still using music just to touch other people’s lives,” said Walker.

While his hits continue to play on the radio, Walker’s number one priority remains his family. They’ve moved back to the CSRA, where it all began. On Sundays, you may find them at Stevens Creek Church where Walker sometimes helps lead worship. 

“I love the slow pace; I love being able to come home and being around family. And man, that was it. It’s added some extra driving, but man I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” said Walker.

Walker’s story is one of redemption, leading him to this incredible life that he now has. And it’s one he hopes others can learn from as well. 

“Always practice, ‘this ain’t mine. And I’m going to steward this well but I’m going to actually put it at the feet of Jesus.’ And so, I would tell some people, just giving up and saying ‘this ain’t in my hands no more’, is the strongest thing you can do,” said Walker.

Recently, Walker was recently featured on ‘Around the Table with Randi Tyler’ on K-LOVE On Demand. To watch click here.