Governor Deal stumps for OSD


AUGUSTA,Ga Governor Deal also took some time to tell us about his plan for Opportunity School Districts.

The OSD plan calls for the state to take over schools that score below 60 on the state Department of Education’s College and Career Performance Index for three straight years.

20 schools per year could be added to the list – and they would stay there between 5 and 10 years.

There are 19 schools in Richmond County that currently fit the criteria, and  The Governor admits in  there’s been been opposition  with many groups  urging  people to vote no.

“Because we can’t go into school classrooms we can’t go into school auditoriums that some of the groups who are opposed to it are able to do we are making our efforts to raise money for an advertising campaign and we are doing that but it takes people who are willing to look at the merits of the issue,” said Governor Deal in Augusta.

Opportunity School District is  on the November 8th ballot.

Tonight on News Channel 6 at 11, the President of the Richmond County PTA, and Georgia Senator Harold Jones share their thoughts on O-S-D.

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