Gov. Kemp announces support for ‘Constitutional Carry’ legislation


AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ( WJBF) — To carry a concealed weapon in the state of Georgia you need a permit — but Governor Brian Kemp is hoping to change that.

“To get constitutional carry across the finish line in this legislative session,” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said.

Kemp supports constitutional carry — hoping to push forward legislation that would do away with the need for a permit to carry a firearm in public.

He tweeted

Local gun shop owner Steven Fishman said while the legislation would simply reaffirm a person’s second amendment right — having a permit would make the process of purchasing a firearm easier for most people

“My personal opinion is that I’m going to be licensed. I’m going to buy a license when its due and I would recommend that all my customers have licenses,” Fishman said.

Even without a permit you would still need a background check to purchase a firearm.

“It tells that police officer that you are licensed and that you have lived your adult life with no criminal activity,” Fishman said.

More than 20 states currently have constitutional carry laws, but Kemp’s support of the measure has already received some backlash including from the Democratic Party of Georgia which issued this statement:

“It’s despicable that Brian Kemp is willing to endanger Georgians’ lives for the sake of his re-election campaign.”

The measure will be discussed in the upcoming legislative session.

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