Golden Apple: Vicki Clerc


(Belvedere, S.C.)

Vicki Clerc has a full classroom and a full schedule with the 4-year old program at Belvedere Elementary School.

“I just love children and love reading stories,” she says. “And seeing their eyes turn on when they really get something.”

They may be just getting started in school, but they really hit the gorund running in Mrs. Clerc’s class.

“We like to stress that we come here to have fun. But they have a job to do just like Mommy and Dad do, and their job is to learn.”

And after just a few short months, the progress is profound.

“We have gone from not knowing how to hold a pencil or knowing what a pencil is. We can all fluently write our names correctly. We are now learning to write our last names. We know all of our colors and our shapes. We are learning letters and their sounds.”

Mrs. Clerc cares about her students in and out of the classroom. She’s even been known to make sure kids have clean clothes to wear when the need arises.

“It’s one thing to nurture the mind. But you have to nurture and love the body too and make sure their needs are met at home and at school,” Clerc says.

Congratulations Vicki Clerc–a great teacher wrapping up an incredible career. A career that continues to provide such simple and meaningful rewards.

“A hug. A hug. And love you Mrs. Clerc.”

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