Golden Apple: Terry Harris


(Grovetown, GA)

If you want to learn how to make something that looks great, you come to Terry Harris and her Graphic Design class at Grovetown High School.

“They’re working on Photoshop Illustrator,” Harris says.  “They’re learning illustrator right now. We’re also using the Cricket. We’re doing a vinyl cut because we’re making a student section for our football game tonight.”

And they’re not just working for a good grade. They’re making products that pop up all over town.

“They love getting on the computer. They love creating things. They have creating writing tablets. They draw. They scan them. They edit things in Photoshop. They love it. We create posters and invitations for our community, so they’re involved in it.”

And when Mrs. Harris is through with them, these students are more than ready for the real world.

“I do have a 3rd year student who works for Alpha Graphics right now.  We also have students who can apply for NSA. I’m trying to prepare students for the workforce, to be work-ready.”

The kids are learning so much in here but Mrs. Harris is reaping the rewards too.  Teaching really is the gift that keeps on giving–and Terry Harris’s influence will impact her students throughout their lives.

“You don’t know that you made an impact on that student or in your class until they grow up, and they’re out in the workforce and they’re out doing something and they remember things I may have done with them in a Science class,” she says. “ It’s an awesome feeling, just rewarding.”

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