Tameika Tinsley is crunching the numbers and keeping the knowledge flowing. Her 3rd Grade classroom at Allendale-Fairfax Elementary school is a very busy place.

“I know knowledge is power,” Tinsley says. “That’s why I wanted to become a teacher. I wanted to give all of my students some power.”

Ms. Tinsley is big on technology.

“They love when I can put videos on the board. They love when I can show them pictures of things around the world on Google Maps. It just makes everything a whole lot easier. Different apps and games they can play. Different questions. They can work on things on their grade level, things above their grade level. It just makes everything a lot easier.”

She does such an amazing job of keeping her kids dialed in and focused on her lesson plan.

“I make it fun. I use song, I use dance all the time. It’s not like a whole lot of pressure. As long as they work with me, we got it. I already know we got it.”

From the moment they get to class, these students make the most of the entire school day.

“Yes. Bell to Bell Instruction. As soon as they come in we work on our prefixes. We get into our reading. We do our Math. We take a little break for lunch and recess. But as soon as they come back, we’re back at it.”

And before you know it, 3rd grade will be over and this group will be off to conquer 4th grade and beyond. Thanks to Ms. Tinsley and the entire team at Allendale-Fairfax Elementary.

“I hope that they become successful individuals and decide to do whatever career path they want,” she says. “And just make the world a better place. And eventually, give back to their community just like I did.”