Golden Apple: Stan Horne

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Stan Horne has been in the classroom for 30 years. He teaches 6th Grade Math at Tutt Middle School.

"I've always had Math on my mind," Horne says. "I really like teaching Math. It's really enjoyable to me."

It's a place where students get out of their seats and take part in the lesson together.

"It makes them understand better. If a student goes up to the board and works on the board, they can see where they made mistakes or get the correct answer. The students that are behind them can see them work it and we can go over the answers together."

6th grade is also a time to say goodbye to elementary school math and focus on more challenging aspects of the subject.

"This is the beginning of Algebra for the kids. This is the best time for them to get to know what's there. We use the computers in the classroom. Technology is really big now. We use that a lot."

Mr. Horne has also umpired baseball and refereed football for most of his time in education.

"I really like working with the kids. I did baseball for 20 years. I've done football for 27 years. I really like getting out on the field. It gives me a chance to work with the kids on the field. You're a teacher on the field also with the kids. You're teaching them how to respect each other."

Way to go Stan Horne. An incredible career and a great influence on the young people who have been fortunate enough to have you in their lives.

"I have kids always coming back and saying thank you Mr. Horne," he says. "You've really made me realize what I can do. That's just what makes me feel good."


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