Golden Apple: Sheryl Allen


Warrenton, GA

Sheryl Allen’s impact in the classroom has been felt all over the CSRA.

“I taught in the classroom 26 years in McDuffie. Then from there I went to LIncolnton as an  instructional coach,” Allen says. “I instructed teachers on effective strategies. From there, I went to the position of assistant principal and then I retired.”

That lasted about 2 weeks until Briarwood came calling.

“A lot of social learning. They love to talk to each other. I may lecture the old fashioned way for about 15 minutes.  Then they’re going to do some social learning. Then from there, I also incorporate Centers, so they can get up and move.”

That’s a multi-faceted approach to teaching and it makes the lessons interesting to these 3rd graders.  And even though a lot has changed in her 3 decades in the classroom, Mrs. Allen knows that her hard work and the hard work so many dedicated teachers out there–is something that it timeless.

“Technology has made it easier so that we can incorporate videos, and take field trips without leaving the room, so I think it’s really helped.  But I really think it’s the person that’s in front of those children that makes the difference.”

And Mrs. Allen is making a huge difference in the lives of these bright students at Briarwood Academy.

“That passion is still there, after 33 years,” she says. “And I think the day that passion stops, I’ll leave the classroom, because that’s not fair to the kids. So, for me, they inspire me to do better.”

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