Sarah White knows that Calculus is a tough subject. But she is able to connect with her students, speak their language, and help them understand each lesson.

“There is some way that when I explain it, somebody understands,” White says. “And that’s something that I guess God has given me as a gift or a talent. So I use it to glorify Him.”

Mrs. White has been a big fan of this subject long before she ever made it to this classroom at Augusta Christian.

“I have loved Math my whole life. My dad is an engineer. And I got some kind of Math brain. I used to ask him about his work when he would tuck me in and night. And so I’ve loved Math for as long as I can remember.”

Her mom and dad were among those who showed up to support Mrs. White on her Golden Apple day.

“Both my parents got diagnosed with cancer last year. The fact that they’re both here today is huge, to me. Just to have them around. They are my best friends. My biggest support system. I love my family.”

And she loves these bright students. Students who will become better people because of their time with Sarah White.

“I just want them to change the world,” she says. “I just want them to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever they go. Doing whatever it is that God created them to do.”