Golden Apple: Sandra Bailey


Sandra Bailey is the academic support specialist at Tobacco Road Elementary School.

That means she helps teach teachers, how to be better teachers.  That kind of support can have a real impact on the entire student body.

“I do. By giving them training and resources to teach particular skills, providing teachers that additional support that the teachers need to be successful in the classroom,” Bailey says.

Mrs. Bailey has taught every elementary grade and is now making a bigger impact in her new role.

“Back in 1980-hmm, I’ve been teaching a long, long time. I felt like there was so much more that I could do outside the classroom. This is my first year as an academic support specialist. I felt like I could be so much more beneficial to students if I could serve more within the school.”

Service that started at a young age in her home.

“We used to read The Bible every night as a family. My father said to me, ‘You read with such expression and conviction, you’re going to be a teacher one day.'”

Congratulations Sandra Bailey on your first year at Tobacco Road, and our first teacher to take home The Golden Apple Award for the new school year.

“I just love when the kids’ eyes light up,” she says. “And they get what you’re trying to get them to understand.  So it’s very rewarding for me.”

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