Melissa Williamson is marking a big milestone. She has been teaching for 25-years. She’s here at Garrett Elementary School because of a decision she made about a quarter-century ago.

“I decided to teach because I wanted to help children,” Williamson says. “I know that I can touch lives. And this was a great way. It’s a passion for me. I know that it’s my calling to work with children.”

When we stopped by, Mrs. Williamson’s class was discussing Danny the Dinosaur, a book she read when she was a first-grader. They were also working on some artwork to go with the Danny lesson.

“I see children when they first come in, they’re like little kindergartners. Then I see them at the end of the year. They’re ready. They’re bright, bushy-eyed, ready to go to 2nd grade. And I love seeing the changes that they go through. It’s amazing.”

Her support system is amazing too. People everywhere, who lift her up and keep her going.

“I want to thank my family. My husband, my father my children. And my faculty and staff here at Garrett. Everybone’s been so supportive. And I really appreciate everything they do for me.”

We appreciate you, Melissa Williamson. You help your students learn to love school from the very first day of their very first grade.

“Everything that I do is real and sincere from my heart,” she says.”I don’t do things for show. This is me. And I love working with children. I tutor children at Sylvan Learning Center as well. I just love working with children and it’s my passion.”