Golden Apple: Mary Pat Yaun

(Gloverville, S.C.)

Mary Pat Yaun is wrapping up a journey that started when she was just a child. She used to play school with her friends and she was always the teacher.

That dream has turned into a career that has influenced children in Gloverville, South Carolina for decades. Many people in the community are living successful lives, thanks to the strong start they got in Mrs. Yaun's classroom.

Mary Pat Yaun is going to call it a career at the end of this school year. The end of a journey that started when she was a little girl.

"I played school with my friends and I don't know if they liked it or not," Yaun says. "But I was always the teacher with the chalkboard."

Mrs. Yaun has made an impact on generations of students who've been fortunate enough to have her here at Gloverville Elementary School.

"I love children and I think they're special. It matters to me what they become in life. When I see them succeed, it makes my heart feel great."

And they stay in touch.

"Just recently I got an invitation in the mail from one of my former students who just graduated from nursing school. Of course I cried. I was very excited for her."

"I have always been at this school. I have never taught anywhere else. That shows that I have always had the love and support here in this community, and with the parents, the children, the administration, and with my fellow teachers. I love being here."

And even though Mrs. Yaun is retiring, she'll always carry part of Gloverville Elementary in her heart.

"That I affected so many childrens' lives," she says. "Hopefully all positive. And that they'll carrry some of me in my heart too."

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