Golden Apple: Logan Meeks


(Belvedere, SC)

This is more than a classroom. It’s a room filled with people who motivate Logan Meeks to come to work each day, and she loves it.

“When you see the kids’ faces every day, it makes you come in and they are ready to learn,” Meeks says.

“Every day is a different day. It’s unique. When you come in, you don’t know what’s going to happen. And you get 22 wonderful children in your room and it puts a smile on your face, and you’r e ready to go. They’re ready to learn.”

Ms. Meeks makes sure her kindergartners get the most out of this important year. They change, learn, and grow every day.

“In the beginning a lot of parents tell you they want their child to know their ABC’s or know how  to write their name. And they’re very surprised at the end of the year when their child’s coming home writing paragraphs and reading chapter books, or just picutre books in general. So it’s amazing and it’s a great feeling as a teacher to say, ‘We started at this, and they didn’t know their ABC’s.  And now we’re ending with a story that your child can write for you.”

Ms. Meeks credits her family for helping her fulfill her teaching dream.

“They’re a great support system and they had to watch me teach stuffed animals from the time I was 5-years-old until college.”

She also credits her colleagues. We witnessed it the minute we walked in to Belvedere Elementary School. This place is all about togetherness, teamwork, and doing their very best for the children.

“I would not have gotten this award without this school,” she says. “This school is amazing. We’re all very close-knit and we support each other very well.  If I need a resource, I can quickly go to someone else in here and find it, and give it to my kids, and in return get learning out of them.”

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