Golden Apple: Katie Bennett


Another day of sweet sounds from Katie Bennett’s classroom.   Another day that this talented musician gets to teach other talented musicians.

“I started guitar in 4th grade and took up bassoon as a whim in 6th grade,” Bennett says. “I studied it in high school, college, earned a scholarship to Georgia Southern and play very actively in the community today.”

Ms. Bennett has dedicated most of her career to helping her students get the most out of music. Even if they are just beginners.

“These students didn’t know anything in 6th grade. We do take students that are very interested in band. If they want to come in second semester. If  they are willing to work then we are happy to take them.”

Ms. Bennett’s students do it all. They learn, they compete, and they share their gifts with their school and their community.

“We learn how to play scales. We do Christmas concerts, Veterans Day concerts, district honor band, all-state, we get them ready for marching band at the school next door and we hope that they are going to make a 7-year career out of this.”

Congratulations Katie Bennett. Making school sound great for a quarter century and counting.

“I do enjoy the people that I work with very much,” she says. “I enjoy my students very much. I still have fun with this job. And I know that every year I get to do different music, so it’s not the same subject every day.”

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