Kaleigh Busbee is sharing her lifelong love of math with her students. They love to work with numbers in her classroom.
“I like it because it is a challenge, and it builds on top of each other, throughout every grade level,” Busbee says. “What I really enjoy about teaching the most is the kids and building a relationship with the kids. That’s what’s important. That’s what they’re going to remember.”

The students are excited about every lesson.
“I try to keep a positive attitude and environment. They know that disrespect is not tolerated in here. They’re going to treat each other with kindness and respect. It makes it easier to learn.”
It makes it easier to understand new concepts as Ms. Busbee’s middle schoolers progress through the year.
“We were working on order of operations. They have different stations that they’re going to. There are 10 questions. They should be in a group with three. They’re just going from station to station.
Every station, every stop in this learning environment, is another opportunity to make their math skills stronger.

“They’ll use them in their careers, and in the grocery store. Everywhere, really.”
And none of this would be possible without the strong support system here. Ms. Busbee knows she is not alone in her effort to help these students be successful.
“Here at LBC everyone is a team,” she says. “Everyone motivates one another and is always giving positive feedback. Everyone feels that family relationship and I feel supported more than I’ve ever felt.”