The first thing you notice when you walk into Kaitlyn Hunt’s classroom is her energy. She is engaged in every aspect of every lesson plan. And her second graders at Evans Elementary School feed off of that.

“When you come to school you leave everything at the door,” Hunt says. “You have to show up for your kids. If I’m dragging and not as energetic, then I can’t expect them to be excited about what they’re going to learn.”

When we stopped by, the kids were playing Brain Games. They answer questions and collect as many fuzzy balls as they can.

“It’s a quick way for me to monitor if they’re learning the materials, if they’re understanding. And they want to get all of them. They’re encouraged. And when I pull out that jar, their hands shoot up. They’re ready. And they’re confident in their answers.”

Ms. Hunt says she loves it when her 2nd graders move on to other grades but still find time to visit.

“If they can find some type of home and serenity here, that I’ve provided, then my job is done. I’ve always said that you might not always be good at Math. You might not always be good at Reading. But if I can help you become a better person, then I’ve done everything that I can.”

A lesson plan that always includes something the students can carry with them throughout their lives. That’s what life in Kaitlyn Hunt’s classroom is all about.

“I don’t know where they’ll go but I know they have big dreams.,” she says. “And I know that If I can touch them just a little bit, and encourage them, that they’ll achieve anything that they set their minds to. I hope they come back. I only get them for 180-days, but they will always be one of my students.”