MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) – Jennifer Williams developed a love of teaching at a very young age. She and her family knew that she was going to end up in education someday.

“I used to line my baby dolls up in the front yard and teach them,” Williams says. “And my dad always said, she’s going to be a teacher. So I’ve known since 2nd grade I was going to be a teacher. I like the structure. I like the learning. I just like building relationships and letting these kids knowing how much they’re worth.”

Children are easily distracted. But Mrs. Williams has an approach that keeps them focused.

“Lots of repetition and positive feedback. Positive reenforcement. Letting them know that what we’re doing is important.”

Mrs. Williams says the task of teaching 2nd graders isn’t overwhelming in the moment. Sometimes she has to wait to see the role she played in their academic foundation.

“Years down the road when students come back to see you, that is the overwhelming part,” she says. “When you know that you’ve really done something that’s impacted them.”