Golden Apple: Jennifer Butterfield


GROVETOWN, GA (WJBF) – School is back in session and so are so many of the rules and restrictions of the pandemic.

“We’re still being very flexible in the way we treat our environment,” Jennifer Butterfield says. “We’re being adaptable. I think we got a lot of practice last year.”

But these changing times don’t faze Jennifer Butterfield. She’s here to focus on her students.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a point when I’ve been super frustrated. I think the whole world is dealing with it.”
Mrs. Butterfield is following in the footsteps of those who made a big impact on her in school.
“I think that I had some pretty awesome teachers growing up who really showed an interest in me. I know those are the ones who left a lasting impression. When I felt cared for, I always kind of rose to the challenge.”

And she could not do this without the support of the entire team at Baker Place Elementary.

“I love my school. We’re all very supportive of each other. I never feel like I’m in this alone. I’m always there with my other teachers in collaborative planning. We’re always sharing ideas and just lifting each other up.
At home of course, my husband has always been super supportive.”

So what’s her reward? What does she get after giving so much?

“I think just teaching in itself,” she says. “I think when you find your gift in life, you find your meaning in life and your purpose in life is to share your gift. I’m here to share what I know and to pass it on to my kids and to believe in them. Being with them every day is a reward in itself.”

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