Holly Townsend has a lifelong love of reading. Just one of the reasons she wound up in this classroom at Greenbrier High School. She teaches A.P. Language and American Literature.

“I found my love for American Lit in college,” Townsend says. I went to Georgia College in Milledgeville, and I just wanted to come home and work here. I grew up in Augusta and I wanted to come home and read with my community.”

She helps today’s students care about and connect with old books, by acting them out.
“When you have props, and you have life in the story and different voices, it kind of brings sort of old stories back to life. And there are lots of themes that are relevant from things that were written in 1850 that are human themes that transcend and are still important today.”

Themes that are apparent as these students read and act out The Scarlet Letter.
“A story about living with guilt and bad choices and how you can live with integrity and be accountable for your choices and your actions, and how you can go forth and carry that integrity into your future.”
And all of a sudden a story from the 1800’s helps high schoolers in 2023.
“They’re able to see characteristics of John Proctor and Dimmsdale in themselves, and they can apply those lessons into their life.”
Dr. Holly Townsend does so much for her students and the entire Greenbrier community. A positive force shaping tomorrow’s leaders.
“Every day I come here I think they teach me more than I teach them,” she says. ” It helps me be a better teacher tomorrow.”