Golden Apple: Felicia Lovett


(Waynesboro, GA)

Felicia Lovett isn’t just making life better for these students. She’s setting an example that’s a key part of her life at home.

“I have 4 children of my own,” she says. “I made a promise that I was going to be a lifelong learner. I was going to make sure that my own children were lifelong learners.”

Mrs. Lovett has also dedicated a lot of her time and energy reaching out to children who need a helping hand.

“My heart went out to the special needs kids. My heart went out to behavior problem children, emotional and social children.”

When we stopped by her 5th graders at Blakeney Elementary School were focusing on Social Studies.

“We’re teaching the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments. I tried to relate it to current events.  Take those same amendments and relate them to situations that they’re familiar with today. Like the professional football players taking a knee, the different things that are happening in the world.”

And when she’s not in the classroom, Felicia Lovett is in her community.  Connecting with the kids everywhere is a top priority.

“I do believe in building relationships with their families, calling their parents, stopping by, even if it’s in the projects,” Lovett says. “If they’re put off the bus, giving them a ride home, dropping them off. Everybody asks how I have such good discipline. Trust me, it wasn’t me. It was that I had those parents on speed dial.”

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