Johnston, S.C. (WJBF) Dr. Jackie Kennion was destined to be in this classroom. Beauty has been her priority for most of her life.

“Just growing up, doing my parents’ hair, cutting my dad’s hair, playing in my mom’s hair, my aunt’s, my cousins. It’s just a passion that I loved to do,” Kennion says.

It’s a passion that takes a lot of preparation. Dr. Kennion gets her students ready to go to the state board and get their cosmetology license. That’s after these seniors complete 1500 hours of work.
“250-academic hours in Math. 250-academic hours in English. 500-hours in the salon. And 500-hours in the classroom.”

It’s challenging. Today these up and coming cosmetologists are working on mannequins, but they know real customers are right around the corner.

Aniyah Reynolds
“I like doing nails mostly. But I also like doing hair. I just want to help people. Help them get their stuff done. Get them out quick.”

“I have many girls now that are top braiders. They are the best in styling hair. I have one young lady who is awesome being a nail tech. Pedicure. We do it all.”

They’re also on top of the latest trends.

“Pink and purple are the hottest colors.”

Today they are students. But soon, they’ll be licensed professionals, ready to help you look your best and because of that, feel your best. They are living proof that the beauty business is in very good hands.

“It brings tears to my eyes to know that, the young ladies start off low, but halfway through their senior year, they’re very high,” she says. “And then when I take them to state board, and they walk out that door, waving the paper, ‘I did it’, tears begin to flow. I just cannot express.”