Golden Apple: Dawn Lishnoff


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – Dr. Dawn Lishnoff was in the Army for more than 20 years.

“I’ve always had a passion to serve, the world really but also my community,” Lishnoff says. “I knew it was time to transition out of the Army and I knew that teaching was the next step for me, and prayed on it. God is amazing because he just opened doors and here I am.”

Here she is helping children succeed, just like the teachers who helped her son when he was growing up.

“Some of the teachers that supported him, when I was out doing things that I needed to do, I just wanted to give that back.”

And talk about progress. Kindergarten provides some amazing milestones.

“Some of the students come in, they can’t read they can’t write, some of them don’t know how to count. Just starting from where they can barely write their name and form letters, to the end of the year where they’re writing sight words and writing words that I say to them without spelling them out, it’s amazing. Counting to 100 forward and backward. I could go on and on.”

And we could go on and on about you Dawn Lishnoff. Thank you for helping your little ones get a great start in school.

“I know there’s things I could have done differently,” she says. “But just that satisfaction of seeing the potential in the students. They’re just so young, and they’re so precious right now. But just to plant that seed and know that I’ve done that for them, and they’re going to carry something with them to first grade. And they’re going to build on those skills, those social, emotional learning skills and that curriculum that we have.”

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