North Augusta, S.C. (WJBF)

Darell Curry has gone from loving sports as a child to teaching sports to children. The court is his classroom and the students love it.

“I played sports all my life,” Curry says. “That’s kind of the only thing I knew growing up. Just having the experience of coaching at the high school level, I have my kids, I coached them. And when this opportunity came open, I took advantage of it. It keeps me in sports, and it keeps me young.”

Coach Curry says he just loves working with kids. Helping them be their best, healthiest selves.

“They stay physically active, like they are now. We teach them through health, and letting them understand the importance of being physically fit and active outside of school.”

And Coach Curry knows that physical and mental fitness go hand in hand.

“Working out, exercising, sweating, it allows your body and your brain to release those endorphines. It gets you out of that seat. We concentrate on being up and moving in the classroom. When these kids get this P.E. time, it really benefits them. They love it and then they can go back and concentrate on something else in their academics.”

When he’s not leading the Merriwether Middle School basketball team to success, Coach makes the sport a family affair.

“I have a 4th grade son, Xander Curry at Merriwether Elementary School. I coach rec ball with him. I have a travel basketball team, Family Select, and it is year-round. It’s constant.”

His commitment is constant too. Coach Darell Curry is dedicated to helping his students, and carrying on the legacy of the leaders who’ve impacted him.

“I love it,” he says. “I’ve seen and had great coaches who’ve influenced me in different ways. In my 8-year coaching career I’ve already had kids in college who come back and tell me, it was hard then. But they appreciate and understand now. And I just want to instill that in my kids because I’ve had that instilled in me all my life.”