Crystal Arnold has been crunching numbers for most of her life. Numbers that have led to an amazing career in the classroom. She has a knack for making her lessons easy to understand here at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School.

“As a kid I always enjoyed Math,” Arnold says. ” It just came easy to me. I just took lots of Math classes in college before I declared my major, and decided that math was the way that I wanted to go.”

Her approach starts with a strong connection to these kids.
“I really like to look at the student as an individual. Teach the student first, get to know them, and the math will come later.”

Mrs. Arnold isn’t just teaching in the classroom. She’s out in the community going up against other mathletes.
“We always have a local Richmond County competition that we participate in. We’ve done a few online ones thorugh a program called Perennial Math.”
Crystal Arnold knows she is in the right place, with the right group of students.
“They’re not babies. They’re not too old to make an impact. They’re just right. Right in the middle.”
And right where they need to be to do great things in life.
“I just want them to know that, more than even the math, just knowing that the world needs good people in it,” she says. ” And just go out and be a good person.”