Waynesboro, Ga (WJBF)

Christina Hillis got her calling to the classroom when she was in 6th grade. She answered the call and hasn’t looked back since.

“I was inspired by my teacher and I just love it,” Hillis says. “II started in special education and I slowly moved to yearbook advisor, graphic design, I do Beta. And I just love my kids.”

Mrs. Hillis is the Graphic Design teacher at Burke County High School.

“Some of them are interested in anime. Some of them are interested in going into marketing. Some of them are interested in just building their own little side business.”

When she’s not busy with these young people, she’s busy at home with 3-small children.

“Having high schoolers makes me a better mom, and a better friend. Because you get to build relationships and they really just lean on you.”

Mrs. Hillis also works with the Beta Club and Yearbook staff. Her graphic design kids even produce the programs for football games.

“We print it in house and we bind it in house. Typically it’s your intro level students that are binding those for the programs. It’s pretty cool that they get to see a product that they are selling on Friday nights to the high schoolers.”

It is pretty cool. And pretty special. Christina Hillis reaps the rewards of her 6th grade decision every day.

“Being able to be a shining light for them,” she says. “Being a person that they can come to. I create my classroom like a family and I really hope that when they leave here they aren’t afraid to try new things and that they will want to come back. And maybe one day you have a little teacher that comes behind you. And if you don’t, that they are successful adults in life.”