There’s never a dull moment in Chelsee Loadholt’s class. Her 5th graders hit the ground running when they’re in here.

“We do a happy dance because we’re happy to be here every day,” Loadholt says. “It gets their blood moving. When a child sits for a long time, all of their blood goes to their feet and not their brain.”
It makes her Science and Math lessons stick. The kids have a blast as the learn and retain information.

“We’re up. We’re moving around. The multiplication, they need to know it. 5th grade’s a lot of fractions, division, multiplication. It helps them to have a song.”

It also helps that they have a teacher who is passionate about her career.

“I love what I do. This is my dream. I’ve wanted to teach since I was in 3rd grade myself. I followed that dream thorugh, and I enjoy being here every day.”

This is the last stop before middle school. A responsibilty that does not intimidate this 5th grade teacher.

“I embrace it. I do my job and I do it one thousand percent. And I teach these kids the curriculum and more.”

Chelsee Loadholt knows that when her children leave her classroom, they will have the skills they need to succeed at any level.

“I’m teaching the world’s future leaders,” she says. “That makes me happy. They’ll know how to do their fractions, and multiply and divide.”