Golden Apple: Carol Clarke


(Augusta, GA)

Carol Clarke used to be a social worker but she felt called to become a teacher. She knew she could help young people as the Health and Physical Education teacher at A.R. Johnson.

“They weren’t eating right. They weren’t getting enough exercise,” Clarke says. “They were just not taking care of themselves. I said, let me get out there so I can make a difference.”

Ms. Clarke encourages us to do our part at home to help children lead healthier lives.

“It’s okay to go through the fast food twice a week or what have you. But don’t make it a habit.  Let’s start cooking something at home, even teaching the children how to cook. And most of these children can and do cook.”

When we stopped by, her students were focusing on decision-making.

“I paired the students up in a group so that they could come up with a problem. Find a problem and work through the process so they can resolve this.”

Ms. Clarke is also Coach Clarke.

“I coach cross country. I’m the athletic director here. I’ve also coached track and field.  We went to state 6 years with the girls. 4 years with the boys. Cross country, we’ve been going to state the last 4 years.”

And Coach isn’t afraid to turn to a higher power to help her kids reach such high achievements.

“I know that I can’t pray with them. But I have my little deacons and missionaries that are on the team. They will lead the others into prayer.”

“You have to believe in yourselves. But you’re going to have to trust in God if you want to be a successful person.”

Congratulations Coach Carol Clarke. Helping her kids become good students and good citizens at A.R. Johnson.

“It makes me feel so good when students come back,” she says. “And they tell me, coach if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

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