This is not your typical classroom. When we paid a visit to Bethany Ross, the space had been transformed into a training ground for literary doctors and nurses.

“They’re in medical school today so that they can do some text feature surgery,” Ross says. ” They have patients with ailments, and they need to find specific text features in non-fiction books and give those to their patients. So they’re cutting them out and pasting them.”
A procedure than can be a real lifesaver to a character in a story.

“One patient didn’t know the meaning of words, so they had to go find a glossary in a book and give her a glossary.”

And this lesson plan wasn’t just because there was a TV camera in her classroom. Mrs. Ross brings this kind of energy and excitement every day.

“These kids are our future. These kids are everything. I’m trying to do my part to just have the best future for everybody.”

Their futures are looking very bright after spending 2nd grade here.

“I love kids and like I said, I wanted to somehow make the world a better place and medical school wasn’t for me, so I thought teaching is a great way to do that.”

Bethany Ross is right where she is supposed to be. The kids love her and she really loves her job at Gloverville Elementary School.

“Feels good,” she says. “Feels good doing the right thing and having fun.”