Golden Apple: Arthur Harris


(Evans, GA)

Arthur Harris knew he had a knack for math when he was just a child.

“I was always pretty good at it and I always thought it was my niche and that’s where I wanted to be,” he says.

Now he shares that love with his 9th graders at Lakeside High School. He keeps kids focused on math even with all the distractions out there.

“That’s one of the most challenging things we have, especially with technology. I do have a strict cell phone policy, so that helps.  And then, it’s just up to them to make the decision that I need to pay attention. I need to get this information.”

Mr. Harris is so much more than a teacher. He’s a mentor and role model.

“These kids need somebody in their corner. They need to know somebody’s there for them. I just try to be that person for them.”

“These kids need support like I have had throughout the years.  My mom’s been great. She’s always been there for me. My wife is just amazing.”

Art Harris has done an amazing job in his career for more than a decade now. A lot of years keeping a lot of young lives on the path to success.

“I just enjoy seeing them later on in life,” Harris says. “I’ve taught freshmen for all 11 years. It takes a while, but once they get out of high school I get to see them progress through college. I get to see them go on to their jobs and see them out in the workforce. It just makes me so proud of them all.”

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