Golden Apple: Anna Williams


(Thomson, GA)

Anna Williams may have tried to fight it back in the day, but she was always going to teach.

“Both of my parents are retired Math teachers,” Williams says. “Despite how hard I fought going into that, because you are like, I want to do something different. It was my destiny I think. This is where I was always supposed to be.”

Her 4th graders are hard at work at Norris Elementary in Thomson.

“We were doing partial quotient division. Large 3 and 4 digit dividends with a one digit divisor.”

That’s serious math. And Mrs. Williams keeps her kids focused by making sure they’re engaged in all aspects of the lesson.

“We do centers every single day. They use technology to learn math. They do pencil and paper to learn math. They do body kinesthetics to learn math. They do cutting and pasting to learn math. So that all the different learning styles are addressed.”

Mrs. Williams has a strong support system at home. Her daughter and husband help her carry the load.

“He is so supportive of me. As I come home with bags full of stuff to do, and I just plop down on the couch and work on school work all evening, and he keeps all the plates spinning while I just sit and do what needs to be done. I couldn’t do it without him.”

And last year that load got a lot heavier when Mrs. Williams had health issues. But everyone at work, and at home helped her make it through.

“I’m a product of Thomson schools,” she says. “I’m a graduate of Thomson High School. Some of my county administrators taught me in middle and high school.  And so this his home. When I got sick last year, there was never a question about what am I going to do about my job or how are we going to do this. There was immediate support from the very beginning.”

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