Andrea Triplett goes beyond the textbook and the classroom. She wants to show her students that the subjects she teaches have real-world applications.
“Math is seen in everyday,” Triplett says. ” Growing up I had this Math teacher, Miss Harding. Miss Harding, never forget her. Miss Harding took us outside and brought the real world to Math. So we would go outside to calculate the height of a tree, to be able to throw the ropes. And just those kinds of activities always stuck with me.”
Mrs. Triplett recently saw the benefits of that approach with her Geometry students.
“They just did 3-dimensional models, to understand where you could see the effects of area and volume in everyday life. In planning a house, in building a farm.”

Mrs. Triplett taught college back in 2001. Then 9-11 happened, and she signed up for service. She did 3-combat tours. She returned to this part of her career in 2016.
When she’s not teaching she’s tendng to her feathered friends.
“I have 126 birds. I have quails. One turkey. Several different types and breeds of ducks. And then I have my lovely parakeets inside.”
Mrs. Triplett has a real heart for caring for these creatures.
” I have several of them that are special needs and require intensive care on a daily basis. Some of them require heat lamps. Some of them are blind so they have to be segregated in enclosures.”
That same compassion comes through in the classroom. It leads to success stories everyday. Rewards that let Andrea Triplett know she is in the right place.

“The smiles on their face,” she says. ” Those ‘a-ha’ moments. Those loving, understanding moments when they themselves understand something to their completeness.”