Golden Apple: Amy Martinez


Amy Martinez’s second graders have basically mastered 2nd grade and she’s already getting them ready for 3rd grade and beyond.

“Every lesson we do in here is integrated for STEM,” Martinez says. “In Math, for example, they’re learning how to take their skills, such as multiplication, and use them in reading. Use them in Science. Use them in Social Studies.”
Mrs. Martinez is also helping these bright young people to become bright older people, strong citizens of our community. 

“If we’re not teaching them how to be responsible and how to be leaders, then we’re doomed basically. Teaching them is not just teaching standards. It’s teaching them how to be a social change figure. How to become a social change advocate. How to speak up for themselves. How to voice their opinions and at the same time, justify their point of view.” 
Amy Martinez is dedicated to her job and to the students that are such a key part of it. They are the reason she gets out of bed every day and makes the hour long drive to her classroom.
“I just love them,” she says. ” I love the children.  And they know it. It’s not just about teaching. It’s not just about individual kids.  It’s them.”  

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