Amber Rahman left the classroom for the front office. She’s had an amazing career in education and wanted to pursue another path to help her high schoolers.

“I’m very passionate about helping students realize that they need to figure out where their feet are going to go after they walk across our stage,” Rahman says. “So whether they’re going
for employment or enlistment or education, I really want them to have a plan.”

And the list of things to do after high school has really grown over the years.

“I think there are a lot more options and I think that we need to realize that it’s realistic that there are some students who are not looking to university as the next step. And so helping them to have the tools in their toolbox to make those decisions so that they can step off on a strong step, that’s really what we’re trying to do here.”

I asked Mrs. Rahman how it feels to know that she plays such a huge part in a young person’s success.

“I’m A bit more humble about it. I don’t know huge my part has been. But my heart swells and I definitely cheer for them like they’re one of my own.”

They are lucky to have you in their lives Amber Rahman. Thanks to your decision to answer the call and become a teacher
“I knew this was my vocation I had a very early experience that solidified for me that I wanted to be an advocate for students,” she says. “And I knew that high school was my area and that has been my passion and I’ve followed that vocation and that has served me well.”