AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- “It’s just driving people crazy, um, especially hard for struggling moms that have to feed their kids and with grocery prices being high,” Tiffany Tatem said.

With price increases in gas, groceries, and travel– people we talked with say they look for ways to save where they can. 

“Try to make sure that if I have to go somewhere that I try to do it all in one day, so I’m not constantly on the road. Um, I try to make sure that I budget into, if I’m going out of town ‘okay how many gallons of gas do I need to get to where I’m going,” Tatem said.

Some people say they’re spending almost double what they normally do on gas.

“I filled up like two days ago, probably put like $80 dollars in a $50 dollar tank and it’s ridiculous,” Tyree Thurmond said.

In January of 2021, gas prices were on average $2.38 cents, now they are more than double that number at $4.80 cents.

“I don’t work too far from here, I’ll literally walk to work if I got to, if I got to. I’m probably like three minutes down the road from my job– I’ll walk to work,” Thurmond said.

People who travel for a living say they have to stop to put gas at least twice a day.

For some, they are hopeful inflation will, soon, come to an end, but aren’t sure how. 

“God help us, God help us. ‘Cause those are necessities we need groceries to eat– feed our bodies– and we need gas to fill our cars to get to and from. So, really, man, only God can help us,” Thurmond said.