AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – Some charges are on the horizon in leadership for several schools in Richmond County. Glenn Hills Middle is one of the schools getting a new principal Monday. Several parents recently complained about fights there.

Fights at Glen Hills Middle have made their rounds on social media. We spoke with a mother last week upset because she says her son was attacked there—she was even more upset about the school and the system’s response to it. Now- some changes are on the horizon—but parents I spoke with from Glenn Hills say, this is just a band-aid.

“She’s a beast, she’s exactly what they need,” said Monique Braswell a parent.

That’s what one parent is saying about the newly named principal of Glenn Hills Middle School, Angela Moore. Moore is one of eight new principals or assistant principals announced at this week’s Richmond County School Board meeting.

Monique Braswell, who’s been vocal about some issues in Richmond County Schools, says Moore is the right choice to fix some of the problems at Glenn Hills Middle.

“That’s if RCBOE lets her do her job,” said Braswell.

Moore is no stranger to Richmond County Schools. She just served as the assistant principal at Cross Creek High School. Braswell says she was also the assistant principal at TCM.

“And I know that she’s not afraid of parents, because that’s the whole thing. They gotta be able to stand up to us, us that think they can come up in there and cuss people out and do whatever they’re children are doing,” said Braswell.

Moore will be taking over for Lloydette Young. Some parents say moving principals around won’t fix everything.

“The problem is the discipline that is going on in the home where that the parents are looking to the teachers not to be teachers, but to be babysitters,” said Gerald Davis another parent.

Gerald Davis has moved both of his children out of Glenn Hills Middle School to Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School.

“It’s pathetic that our middle school, which is our younger kids, where we really begin to grow them are being so disruptive and destructive,” said Davis.

Glenn Hills Middle has had two different vice-principals over the past eight months.
Braswell told the Board administrators should start holding parents accountable for their kids’ actions.
She says those parents should be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“That’s a law that has been on the books for a long time. Which means parents who knowingly know that their children is making a mockery, is out of control and are not stepping up to the plate to get these students under control, then they need to lock them up,” said Braswell.

NewsChannel 6 did reach out to Richmond County Board Members as well as the superintendent for their reasoning behind some of these changes but we have not heard back.

  • Dr. Cordaryl Middleton- Principal, Lucy C Laney High
  • Angela Moore- Principal, Glenn Hills Middle
  • Dr. Shawnda Spruill- Principal, Richmond Hill K8
  • Alfreda Howard- Principal, Glenn Hills Elementary
  • Meredith Godowns- Principal, Goshen Elementary
  • Walter Seabrooks- Assistant Principal, Academy of Richmond County
  • Eric Bland- Assistant Principal, Belair K-8
  • Latasha Goodman- Assistant Principal, Cross Creek High

Original Article Below:

AUGUSTA (WJBF) – There’s a new principal at Glenn Hills Middle School in Richmond County.

Angela Moore is replacing Dr. Lloydette Young.

Young will serve in a new capacity within the school system.

This move is one of 5 new principal appointments made by board members last night.

The move at the middle school follows several complaints from parents concerned about potential gang violence in the schools.

One parent shared video with NewsChannel 6 showing what she says is her daughter getting beaten up.

The mother tells us she reached out to school officials about what happened and she has still not heard back.