Giving Your Best: Sara Barber

TELEVISION PARK--  Sara Barber is a mother and grandmother who is helping, coaching, and counseling families of special needs babies.

But it's the event in her own life that caught the attention of our Giving Your Best committee, as she's using personal tragedy to help others through King's Baskets of Hope.

Jennie: "... WJBF NewsChannel 6, Solvay Specialty Polymers, South State Bank and Walton Foundation for Independence - we are so pleased to present you with our Giving Your Best award!"

Sara Barber/Award winner, Kings Baskets of Hope: "Thank you so much!"

Dejah Barber/Nominator and daughter: "My mother is a phenomenal woman, i know she does everything she does out of love and from her heart, and I know she deserves it."

Love born from tragedy... when Sara Barber lost her unborn baby, King, in 2014.

Sara: "When I found out he had Down Syndrome,  I started doing my research. I wanted to know what kind of special therapies he would need, I didn't know there was so much that went into caring for a child with Down Sundrome, especially when they're that small."

Jennie: "But sadly, you didn't get to put any of that to use because he didn't survive."

Sara: "No m'am, so now I use it to spread awareness for Down Syndrome and I offer help to those who don't know what to do, or who to reach out to."

Through her nonprofit, King's Baskets of Hope, she sends baby gifts to parents welcoming Down Syndrome babies... and memory boxes to parents whose babies don't survive.

Sara/Award winner: "These are the memory boxes that we decided to add on to King's Baskets of Hope, it just gives a little more hope to those families who are surviving through infant loss. We also go into the hospitals and we do pictures with their babies, whether they're stillborn or they've lived for a little bit and passed away. We go into the hospitals and we do a photo shoot with the family so that those families have those memories that I wasn't able to have."

Dejah Barber/Nominator: "This is her therapy, this is how she releases anything that came from losing my brother."

You can contact King's Baskets of Hope via Facebook.

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