Giving Your Best: Ollie Brown


This month’s Giving Your Best winner was one of the first people to start a Soup Kitchen in our area.

It was at the Macedonia Baptist Church back in the day…  but that’s only one of many initiatives retired VA nurse Ollie Brown has spearheaded.

“We were cooking 16 -20 turkeys a day!”

It all started years ago with a dream: Ollie Brown says The Lord spoke to her heart and told her to “Feed His People.” So, she started cooking community Thanksgiving dinners at Lucy C. Laney High School.

“If God calls you to do something he’s not telling you to go do it by yourself. You need help, so you need to reach out to people.” 

And reach out she did…  forming 3 non-profits over the years, focusing on children and community serivce.

Nominator Linda Smith loves her sister’s passion.

“The idea of helping others, and I just love that spirit. I love that spirit in her!”
The Loving Christian Workers, Inc. tutors K-12 students, had GED programs, and distributes food baskets and blankets to the needy. Their big event is presenting scholarships to deserving studets they serve.

“We don’t want to lose the children so we have the scholarship plan for them. And maybe later on, we’ll have more children. But every year, we give the same students $1,000 until the finish 4 years of college.”

Ollie’s sister, Linda, says they were raised by strong family members who led by example of caring for and encouraging others.

“If anybody else can do it, you can too! So I always tell kids that the sky’s the limit- you are only limited to your imagination. Our grandmother really instilled a lot of that into us. We were poor, but we always had food on the table and clothes on our back and we always were able to go out and enjoy life and we just wanted to give somebody else the same thing.”

Ollie was one of the first people to start a soup kitchen in Augusta, at Macedonia Baptist Church

“I want to reach out and give to somebody because there was somebody who gave me a chance.”

Linda says when you are working for the Lord, that physical tireness is a good thing.

“It’s a good feeling. So it’s a joy to have in side that no one can take away. So you need that experience in life. It’s what life’s all about- helping others.”

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