AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– During the pandemic, when many people lost their jobs, The Sister’s Social, Inc. stepped in to help women build their small business.

Nicole Campbell is the founder of the Sister’s Social. She got a group of women together, each with their own business, to help mentor others… and that’s why she’s our latest Giving your Best winner.

“I got a group of women, who each have their own business, and we help other women, who want to start their business, to get started in business. So, we mentor them, we take them through the different steps of starting your business, from Point A all the way to Z, it depends on how far they want to go in business. But we help them and then we also give back to the community. We have giving back, we have several projects that we have worked on, we’re actually in the process of doing one now for another foundation. So that, we’ll be giving to them really soon and we’ll be giving our donations to them as well.”

The goal of The Sister’s Social is to provide mentorship, networking, and community outreach.

“We are here to answer those questions. We can answer whatever questions, like I tell them, if I don’t have the answer, my sisters have it. So, the Sister Social has the answer so that is what we are here to do, just help our sisters in the community, help build the community, and community outreach. We love to give back! I come from a family of giving back, so that’s what it’s all about.”

Something Nicole’s mom, Linda, says runs in the family.

“Her grandmother, you know, she was one who gave a lot, too. So, she got it from her grandmother and she got it from me, too.”

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