Giving Your Best: Linda Hammond


Linda Hammond retired from Columbia County schools years ago… but hasn’t stopped serving the children. Linda volunteers her time from August to December, orchestrating a county-wide Christmas gift distribution for families in need.

She’s described as a “giver and organizer who has everyone’s best interest in mind” and her commitment to serving others makes Linda Hammond our latest winner of the Giving Your Best award.

Linda Hammond’s heart is bigger than Santa’s sack of toys for girls and boys!

“The thought of a child going without is very disturbing.” 

This retired Columbia County teacher and her parapro still work together, as volunteers, spearheading the Christmas Angels program in schools all over the county.

“We get schools and the social workers to identify families that may need assistance.”

She coordinates clothing, shoes, toys, bikes, books and more… and secures the warehouse to collect it all.

Nominator Libby Hutcheson says Linda is a wonderful and generous steward of kindness, goodness, and the Christmas spirit itself.

“She always makes sure that every child has Christmas, and she just has such a kind and benevolent heart, so it was something that I thought should be recognized. She’s done it for years and helps so many children and families across Columbia County, for such a long time.”

Linda does it quietly, without any fanfare, and her good deeds inspire all of the people who work hard to make the Christmas Angels program be a blessing to others.

“The schools are a tremendous help. I give them a list of families and the families have written down the children’s sizes and the items they might need, or want, for Christmas and these schools take care of it. I have churches that are involved, individuals, offices and without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.”

Libby says Linda is a master of coordination!

“She coordinates us all. She makes sure that everybody has what they need to do their job. So, it’s just a well-organized classroom, so to speak!  It’s perfect.”  

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