Giving Your Best: Kendyl Deal


MARTINEZ, Ga.–      This month, we’ve seen the tragic loss of a Stevens Creek Elementary student, Ella Bumgardner…  you may have noticed the green hearts and balloons on signs in the area.

And look at this coincidence:

Kendyl Deal is an aneurysm survivor…  and as our WJBF crews surprised her at work last week, it was clear that her friends and family were honoring little Ella’s memory by wearing green ribbons.

A year and a half-ago, Kendyl woke up and knew something was wrong. Her diagnosis led to action.. which resulted in her winning the Giving Your Best award.

“Happy Birthday dear Kendyl, Happy Birthday to you!”  A special surprise on Kendyl Deal’s birthday,  a birthday she’s celebrating because prayers were answered.

“I woke up one morning and just had a really bad headache- and my left side was numb. I called out for my mom and she called the ambulance and I was taken into surgery that night to coil the aneurysm.”

Three weeks later, Kendyl was released from the hospital– well on her way to recovery, with a mission to raise awareness.  Through her Brain Power Awareness event, she has raised more than $10,000 for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

“Letting anyone know if their family member is suffering from headaches to go get screened- that’s the number one thing you can do and don’t even leave the hospital without getting screened.”

Kendyl’s then-fiance and now husband, Derrill Deal, has been by her side through it all.”

It was really tough and I had a lot of good people to help me, and my mom, but it was tough. When she came home I was with her for a few weeks and just kind of looked out for her, you know, helped her out when I could with medicines. She had a heating pad on her face- so there were these llittle things like that I would do.”

His way to give back to someone who always has given her best to others.

“She’s always been really caring and giving in everything she’s ever done… and this was a really good opportunity for her to be out in a larger way.”

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