Giving Your Best: Jeff Singleton


TELEVISION PARK–  We couldn’t be more excited for our latest Giving Your Best winner.

Jeff Singleton has worked at WJBF NewsChannel 6 for many years, but it’s what he does when he’s not on the clock that makes him a deserving winner.

Jeff is on the production team of The Dish, and host Ana Christina nominated him for the award.

“I call him the gentle giant, he’s very quiet, he’s not a man of many words, but when you get him talking about what he does for these children in the hospital, when he dresses up, his face just lights up.”

A face that so many don’t get to see– and that’s just the way Jeff likes it.

Whether he’s volunteering at a Salvation Army Red Kettle during the Christmas season, or visiting patients at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, Jeff makes his super hero costumes come to life.

And he does, actually, -make- them! This “gentle giant” of a man works delicately with a needle and thread to hand stitch dozens of elaborate adult-sized costumes.

“But there’s like 5 I can’t really use cause they’re bad guys! So we can’t take those, but we have about 40 now.”

40 different characters that bring a little happiness and imagination to people who least expect it! You’ll spot the super heroes at movie openings, Halloween with a Heart, all kinds of children’s events, and on a regular basis, visiting little patients in the hospital.

“We’re there for the whole family, not just the patients, and hopefully we’ll be part of some good memories.”

And it’s Jeff’s memories of his parents’ doing for others that motivates him to generously give of his time and talents.

“They did stuff in the community and stuff like that, and so I just want to make them proud and do the same thing. I feel good about doing it.”

And Ana knew she had to share with others the good things her studio tech was doing!

“He’s so passionate and genuine about what he does and man, when he was telling me that story it just touched me, touched my heart in a very deep way and he’s obviously very deserving of it.”

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