AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Don Clark is a retired Army veteran. You may know him as the Deputy Director at Forces United, but he’s also a community leader, philanthropist, and family man.

Don serves on several local boards, volunteers his time, and is a mentor for the Fort Gordon Youth Challenge Academy… and that’s why Don Clark is our winner of the Giving Your Best award.

“In the Army, we were always taught to be selfless and otherwise, but you don’t always make the direct connection with the communities that you serve in, cause you’re only there for a limited period of time.”

But that limited period of time never seemed to stop Don from making an impact where he was planted. Throughout his two decades in the military, he coached youth sports teams, was a Boy Scout leader, and volunteered not just in the United States, but in Germany, Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Chinikka Jackson nominated Don for the award She’s known him for 13 years.

“He’s always been there as far as a mentor, any advice, any questions or concerns, and anything that I needed. And he also does that with everyone else, so I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving to get that award than him.”

And judging by the big turnout for don’s big surprise at Forces United, a lot of his peers think he’s pretty deserving, too. It was enough to leave this big guy with a commanding presence– well, speechlesss!

“The fact that God gives you gifts and if you’re obedient enough to share those gifts, you can impact somebody’s life in a way that they’ll take it and do the same.”

Don established the Greater Augusta Partnership for Social Change in 2015. One of his favorite projects is an initiative with the Family Y- “A Place to Dream.”

“I’m on one of the boards for the YMCA and that program fulfills a direct need with providing children with a comfort that many of us may take for granted, and that’s a bed. Telling them that , ‘This is yours,’ and the joy and happiness that comes with that is just so overwhelming. So that program fulfills so much for me ut more importantly it fulfills a need that we’ve identified in the community.”