Augusta, GA–

It is the first Monday of the month, and that means it’s time to meet our Giving Your Best winner for March.

Clint Lowery is a trusted friend and mentor to students at Hillcrest Baptist School. He not only volunteers his time leading the basketball team, but often stops by the school just to check on the players, their academics and their conduct.

Coach Clint believes you should never take your blessings for granted, but pay them forward…  by giving back.

“I love each and every one of you, and also students, I love you all, and I love all the teachers and this is not me.”

David Smith is the principal at Hillcrest Baptist School  He sees how students respond to Coach Clint.

“It’s amazing, as a coach I’ve never heard him raise his voice, he’s always just pacing the sidelines, but when he speaks they listen.”

They listen because they know what Coach Clint says is genuine.

“So  many people in my life helped me, that I didn’t know at the time.”

Lowery has coached the basketball team here for 16 years, and though they try to pay him, he gives the money back to the school.

“I’ve been with GA Power for almost 27 years, they allow me to do this, my motto and our motto is, ‘Make sure we give back as citizens where ever we serve.'”

He also goes into many schools across the CSRA to talk about engineering and career goals.

“To ensure that they know about STEM program, and technical fields, and why it’s important to have a good education.”

April Griswold nominated Clint for the Giving Your Best award.

“I’ve never met anyone like him before, he does so much for our kids at the school.”

Clint Lowery says he’s part of a great team dedicated to the success of the students.

“We are here because of the kids, that’s our goal, and we enjoy helping our kids understanding life, getting them the subject matters they need to be successful in life, so it’s just not me- it’s the whole school and we’re all part of the team to volunteer and make sure our kids understand the way they’re supposed to live. And just like I tell them, when they get old it’s their responsibility to help somebody else. That’s the formula, that’s the system.”

Principal Smith says Lowery’s contributions to the school are a reflection of his heart.

“His character is above reproach, we’re just so fortunate to have him here as a volunteer, his benefit to our school is just immeasurable.”Click here for more Giving Your Best winners’ stories.