Giving Your Best: Brittany Joiner


Evans, GA.–   A Columbia County 6th grader is showing an entire community that one person can make a difference.

She’s helped animal rescue groups, orphans in Uganda and local First Responders.

But this past summer, she focused her efforts on her friends, Arwen and Violet Bargeron, who were critically injured in a drunk driving crash.

Brittany Joiner has raised thousands of dollars for them, one cupcake at a time, selling her baked goods.

As these Santas and elves walked the halls of SAIL charter school, little did they know a big surprise was happening!

“Who can tell me where Brittany Joiner is?”

In Ms. Stewart’s 6th grade classroom.

“…with the NewsChannel 6 Giving Your Best award”

for a young baker’s philanthropic fundraisers.

Brittany Joiner/Award Winner: “We have a service organization called Responding With Kindness and we bake for First Responders, so I figured that since I’ve been baking, I can help raise money by baking for the Bargerons.”

And she set a lofty goal.

Holly Joiner/Mother: “She came to me and said she wanted to do this with a $2500 goal and my first thought was ‘What’s gonna happen when she doesn’t make it?’ you know, as a parent, that’s your first thing and so we kind of prepared her with, you know, anything will help and whatever you can do will help… and she did it.

Did it– and then some!

Jennie: “Do you know how much you’ve raised?

Brittany: “$4200 and something.”

Jennie: That’s a lot of cupcakes!”

Holly Joiner/Mother: “You know, I think the lesson was that she just listened to what God wanted her to do and she’s done that this whole time.”

Holly says her daughter teaches her more everyday, than she can ever teach her.

Holly Joiner/Mother: “Countless little collecting for Blessing Bags, or Salvation Army Christmas or Angel Tree Christmas or Ronald McDonald House, she just really has a heart for others and looks to ‘What can I do to make this situation better?'”

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