Giving Your Best: Barbara Glover


AUGUSTA, Ga.–  82-year-old Barbara Glover has been a regularly scheduled volunteer at the Augusta VA Medical Center since 1971.

Isn’t that amazing? For 46 years she’s been a dedicated volunteer, working at the Uptown and Downtown divisions, the Fisher House and Parkway Place. Her commitment to “giving back”makes her an exemplary Giving Your Best winner!

Barbara’s passion for helping veterans comes from an experience as a child, watching her mother wait nervously for word to come of her older brothers, who both served in WWII.

Barbara Glover/Award winner: “And it’s just been a live long wish and dream of mine not just to take care of the veterans but to take care of the veterans’ families, cause I know what my mother went through. It means an awful lot to me.”

Courtney Deese/Nominator: Barbara is a selfless lady- I mean, any time we need anything, Barbara’s there, she makes it happen. She sponsors our spinal cord unit here, Parkway Place, she sponsors our Fisher House. Anything we ever need, whether it’s playing cards, calling cards, heaters– she’s there!”

She’s the one who brings carloads of supplies and donations, and stocks them carefully so the VA can help vets and their families.

Barbara: “These people, they need our support. If we can’t give them a dollar we can give them a pat on the back and a hug around the neck. And you’d be surprised, that means the world to them. One of the first trips I ever made up here to this unit, one of the ladies- we asked them if they needed anything- she said, ‘Could I get a drink of water?’ Courtney and I went and we brought water up here. I can’t imagine a veteran’s family needing water and it not being provided for them. So, that’s my job is to see that that’s done.”

And those around her, especially her daughter, see all the good one determined lady can do!

Tricia Reese/daughter: “I’m just so very proud of her and so proud to call her my mother.”

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