AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Hospitals nationwide are raising awareness for organ donations, and right here in the CSRA, they are showing us just how.

Though April is a reminder to donate organs, the chance to do so and save somebody’s life is there 365 days out of the year – and local and National medical centers share that importance. 

“This is a time for us to show recognition for the folks who have donated the gift of life for people who have been waiting on a waiting list for organs, and we’re also wanting to celebrate those folks who have made that choice to do that and encourage other people to register to be organ donors,” Hospital Development & LifeLink Liaison Tony Cooper said.

It takes just one person to save eight lives. 

“That heart did me wonderful, I got to meet my donor’s family– he was 28 years old– but to be able to say, ‘thanks’ in person to his family for giving me the gift of life which is very unreal almost,” LifeLink Volunteer and Transplant Recipient Sherrell Gay said.

And that’s why at exactly 1:08 p.m. medical centers in the CSRA, like Piedmont, raised their ‘Donate Life Flag.’ 

“So, we can have these types of conversations letting people know just how many people can be affected by that gift,” Cooper said.

This one month highlights how much an emphasis can make a larger impact and transplant recipient Sherrell Gay is that example.

“Then I went into a chronic rejection and had to re-list for a transplant– in the process of that one, instead of being on the list six weeks, I was on the list 17 months– almost 8 months and my kidney failed. So not only did I have to get a second heart, I had to get a kidney at the same time. That surgery was 17 hours long,” Gay said.

In 2022 LifeLink recovered 447 organs and nearly 3,200 people in the state of Georgia are on the National waitlist, and if you’d like to donate to give someone a second chance at life, click here.