Giving all dogs the homes and lives they deserve: Dog Networking Agents

The Means Report: Giving All Dogs The Homes And Lives They Deserve
The Means Report: Giving All Dogs The Homes And Lives They Deserve

Augusta, GA — A shelter life can be a lonely and sad life for a dog who is waiting for adoption. That is why Dog Networking Agents (DNA) was formed. DNA works tirelessly to help shelter dogs find loving, forever homes.

DNA networks to help get dogs out of shelters through fostering or finding forever homes. Their main focus is saving dogs and networking dogs from August Animal Services, a shelter with a very high intake and high euthanization rate, as well as Columbia County Animal Services. There is no dog too big, small, young, or old for them to help, and DNA often goes wherever they are needed.

Recently they responded to a call about a young pup who had been thrown away in a trash can at a car wash. Baby Eve, as they called her, was extremely sick when she was rescued, but they sought out treatment, cared for her, fostered her, and now Baby Eve is healthy, happy, and living in her own forever home.

DNA also has a soft spot for senior dogs. Often times older dogs are overlooked in shelters, but they have so much love to still give and life to live. The stories of these dogs could pull at anyone’s heartstrings.

If you find it in your heart to open your home to a dog looking to give unconditional love, check out DNA’s facebook page While there you can see the faces of dogs eagerly waiting to go home. Or, if you cannot take in a pet, you can find out how you can help support DNA’s efforts to save lives.

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