GEORGIA (WJBF) – There has been a change in the Georgia High School Association bylaws that will have an impact on transgender student athletes.

According to the GHSA minutes, there was an unanimous vote on Wednesday that would define an athlete’s gender based on the sex that is on the student’s birth certificate.

The motion passed 61-0-1 with one member abstaining.

According to the GHSA office, this is what was officially stated on the minutes:

“Proposal to delete paragraph “b” of by-law 1.47 on page 16 of the Constitution and replace with the following text: A student’s sex is determined by the sex noted on his/her certificate at birth.”

According to the previous bylaws, this is what was stated:

“The GHSA will honor a gender determination made by a member school. The GHSA will not make gender identity determinations nor entertain appeals of the member school’s determination.”