Getting neighborhood speed bumps easier said than done


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s a common complaint, traffic speeding through neighborhoods, neighbors ask to put in those speed humps. That’s easier said than done and the city is going to keep it that way.  

The Bellemeade neighborhood is just one area where there’s concerns about speeding.   

“It’s a good idea to put speed bumps in this neighborhood because you got people who don’t live in this area who come through pretty fast,” said Coleman. 

The number of requests for neighborhood speed humps had Augusta commissioners raising questions about the city policy.  

“There’s always a group of people who really likes the idea, there’s almost always a group of people who really does not like the idea. So this can cause some conflict in residential neighborhoods,” said John Ussery, Augusta Traffic Engineer.  

If the city gets a request for speed humps, there’s first a traffic survey. 

If it says speed humps are warranted, the neighbors are petitioned, and it takes 75 percent to agree to put them in.  

“To make sure a majority of the property owners want the speed bumps installed, because they’re going to have to live with them and drive over them every day,” said Ussery.  

15 years ago, there were speed humps in the Montclair neighborhood, they’re gone now.  

To put them back, not only would 75 percent of the residents to have agree, but they would also have to agree to pay for them through a fee. 

“We’ll charge each property owner $35 annually until the speed bumps have been paid off,” said Ussery.  

“Would you be willing to pay extra taxes?

“Well, if the majority do it, yeah,” said Coleman. 

Augusta speed bump policy is more restrictive than others and even after the commissions discussion, it’s going to stay that way for now. 

If not speed bumps, there is traffic enforcement. The city right now is working on its state certification to allow radar to be used on more neighborhood streets in Augusta.

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