Georgia’s Deadline To Register To Vote In Presidential Primary Is Monday


GEORGIA – The deadline to register to vote in Georgia’s Presidential Primary is on Monday.

The deadline to register to vote in Georgia’s Presidential Primary is on Monday.

Both the Republican and Democratic Primaries will be held on March 1st, which is also known as “Super Tuesday.” WJBF News Channel 6’s Stefany Bornman reports on the importance of casting your ballot in this election.

In Georgia, you can’t vote unless you are registered 30 days before an election. Voting in a primary is important because you get to pick a candidate that you think should represent a political party in the general election. Many states have closed primaries limiting voters because they have to be part of a political party to vote, but in Georgia, open primaries give voters the ability to pick a candidate from a political party when they go to cast their ballot.

“With us, after you register to vote you can go in and do your political selection process, investigate candidates from both political parties and make an informed decision about which party in general you think best represents the national interest and therefore your specific interest,” Dr. Craig Albert, Political Science Professor at Augusta University said.

This system allows Georgians to be more involved in the election process and new laws make it even easier to vote.

“One of them is the ability to register to vote either online or through a mobile app,” said Lynn Bailey, Richmond County Board of Elections Director.

The Georgia Votes App can be easily downloaded to your phone and all it requires is a valid driver’s license and some personal information. You can also register by going to the local Board of Elections Office or to Georgia’s Secretary of State website.

Dr. Albert says the outcome of the Iowa Caucuses will have an effect on Georgia. “The Iowa Caucus matters for Georgia. If Trump loses or does not perform to expectations because that will be the first major loss which will tell other voters oh well maybe he’s not the person we thought he was,” the Political Science Professor told WJBF News Channel 6.

And come March 1st, all eyes will be on the South for the Presidential Primary Election. “It’s being built as the S.E.C. primary. Which means that there are many states in the Southeast that will be voting on that same date making the Southeast a rather powerful block I guess for this election,” Bailey said.To register to vote visit the Secretary of State website, hereImportant Dates:

February 1st – Presidential Primary voting registration deadline

February 8th – Presidential Primary early voting begins

March 1st – Election Day

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